jueves, 22 de septiembre de 2011

i lost an idol

she's not famous, she's one of my friends, i thought she was great.
she's a very pretty girl, she's honest, she's just great, but today i realized that she isn't what i thought she was.
Maybe what it's happening right now, it's part of growing up, but i ever thought she will do that, i think appearances cheat.
today walking to the school she told me that she get drunk sometimes, when she told me that i feelt really sad because she's a sport girl, she supposedto take care of her body. i'm NOT SAYING that get drunk sometimes is bad, i'm just saying that she's 13 years old and she get drunk.
the society make us, the teenagers, turn into something we don't want to turn into, the society makes us think that you need to be thin to be pretty, that you need to get drunk or need to smoke to be popular, that you need to hear music you don't like to be accepted, that you have to be like the others, that you have to be "normal".
and when i think all this, my answer to the society is FUCK EVERYTHING! i'am going to be "normal" in my own way, i will hear the music that i like, i will be fat if i want to, i will not get drunk or smoke to be popular, i will be myself.

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